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Scrap bin question


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Hi there, I found a bunch of cool junk in the scrap bin today at work including a big chisel someone had made and some old metal buckets and a slew of some sort of scraper blades. My question pertains to whether anybody can id what these blades are used for and if you think they'd be worth my time as far as knife making! I will spark test them when I get home but that's a ways off so I figured to keep myself occupied I'd make a needy post.


Thanks for your time


Spencer Dirks



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Aus, He was asking about possibly using them for knife making. I actually have some kicking around for when the time is right. :)  Honestly, food coma is kicked in and I'm pretty well stuffed and struggling to stay awake after this Thanksgiving day feast.  They are a perfect shape for a mantis head. 

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I tried looking mine up last night and short of calling the company I can't find out what steel or alloy they are. I'm not planning on making blades out of mine so I'm not that concerned. Tho that pack of new blades I have does sell for about $70-80. U.S.  

Spencer, best bet would be to test one out. Spark test, harden one and file test it then snap test it. That's the short version I found in a blade forum while trying to find out what steel they might be. 

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