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Show me your welding hood

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My son is a sophmore at Heritage High School. They have a really good vocational program, and he is taking welding.

He bought his own helmet last semester. I'll have to show him your paint-job.


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Mine is a plain black Jackson Shadow non-auto darkener. I use a 9 shade gold lens for TIG and a 10 shade for Stick/MIG. I have a sticker of Lincoln Electric on it and a Miller girl on the side. I'll post pics when I can it's in my locker in the shop at school.

Don, where is the vocational school that your son goes to? What state? I'm in NW Ohio and go to Penta Career Center. What has your son learned so far? I'm trying to learn ALL that I can and trying to get into Hobart school of Welding Technologies.

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Here's my hood. Sorry if the pic offends anyone but I figure if it's acceptable in my high school, it's probably acceptable here. She's go a plasma cutter!! How awesome is that?!?!? :D

What you think?

Now you listen here, Hillbillysmith. I want to know where you got that picture! I need one just like it. :D

Seriously, where'd you get it. I need a brunette one.
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Rick. It was a little gift from my best friend's dad. He's a trucker and picked it up somewhere. A truck stop I guess. I live here in Ohio, and heck, he could have picked it up in California for all I know.

I want a brunette too for the other side. :D
But I'm glad that you like it. Everyone in my class does too.

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