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copper rose: project log.


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so, start of this month, I started working on this copper rose. its rather large, over 3 weekends, working about 8-10 hours each, and spending probably way to much time fiddling, breaking blades, polishing hammer faces, hammer thinning edges with a 8 ounce ballpein, chasing out divots and feathering the edges with a 3 ounce riveting crosspein, annealing without proper tools (no DG to deal with? stove eye!) and pickling in super dip, (1 tablespoon non-iodized salt to 1 cup vinegar, and 1/4th cup hydrogen peroxide to three cups of that solution, also great for cleaning off lead from suppressor parts if you don't mind making extremely toxic lead acetate.) 

curling of the petals was done with fingers, (C110 copper is super soft.) a set of cone nose jeweler's pliers, and tape wrapped needle noses.

for your sakes, I'll link you to the album. because it's over 50 pictures long.

I have attached some "finished" photos though.


the album:





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I put it in with a tiny little 3 ounce crosspein. you have to polish the faces or it mars the devil out of the copper with little lines. 400 grit is good enough.

it's really easy stuff to work with. the stem is actually a section of 4 gauge ground wire from walmart, I sourced the copper sheet off amazon and way overpaid for it.

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