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  1. They're prescription.
  2. I wear glasses that block UV and IR and I religiously wear my face mask so much that I've almost forgotten what coal smoke smells like. I'm thinking it will pay off in 40 years when I can still see and breathe.
  3. I think of most of my tooling as more or less disposable. They are meant to be hit and worn, because that is the purpose of a tool.
  4. By design, so I can clamp both objects firmly.
  5. You don't, these are just for picking the pieces up. IF you have difficulty you might need to reposition the pieces with a different pair of tongs for easier grabbing. It's better than trying to separately handle material by yourself, I can tell you that much.
  6. I made these specifically for welding small stock such as 1/8" to 1/4" and also sheet metal, the tines are rather springy so that you can clap both pieces rather well. You more or less just heat the metal up and then when you're ready you simply hammer between the tines. I am also aware that these are not very pretty.
  7. When I forge it's like poetry, I'm unfortunately unskilled in the actual poetic arts.
  8. Naming is one of my weak points.
  9. Just practicing making animal heads, this was a dragon head and since it was already a nice bar of steel I decided to make it a sea Serpent. The biggest problem was welding on the flippers, they really didn't want to go and one of them fell off as I was 90% done. This difficulty in material handling has promoted me to begin making split tongs, so I can hold material in two seperate places while being able to forge weld in between them though that's probably for tomorrow.
  10. After you made the knife I'd use the extra to make jewelry, maybe a bracelet.
  11. I dislike making tools that need to be accurate or well fitted, so I normally scavenge what I can. I once got a 2" wide box jaw tong for free because one of the reigns was busted. My tools are janky as xxxx but they work, and if they work they work.
  12. Soak it in an acid, that should bring out the pattern.
  13. I've made bolts and nuts before. It's not hard, but there is absolutely zero profit in it unless you are doing something quite weird.
  14. I think that it's a jeweler's vise.