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  1. I use mine for forgewelding small parts. Since the shelf is much smaller than the rest of the anvil, it heats up much quicker. Thus it can give you can extra second it two to think.
  2. Around Canton
  3. Works pretty well. I used an old cold chisel for mine, and I can say that the method works very well. You do need to be good at filing though My touchmark is a tiny tree, fitting since I like in the Adirondacks. people who buy them are dirty cheaters
  4. Sir Fleming College has a campus in Haliburton, they do a good blacksmithing course. Here is the phone number and email for the course contact 705-457-1680 ext. 6743 [email protected] She'll more than likely be able to help you out.
  5. In a day or two I'll tell you guys just how good this method actually is.
  6. In all honesty I'd love one cast out of tool steel or even medium carbon, especially since I'm not the most gentle person and I use my current swage block to handle my larger hardies. I'm not either, which is why I've decided to ask you guys.
  7. I have an idea for a swage block that I want cast and the only place that returned my email told me that they'd cast it in ductile 65-45-12, is this the proper material? Or should I hold out for someone willing to cast in steel?
  8. I can assure you, a 100 degree Northern New York day with 99% humidity is hot enough. St.Lawrence county becomes almost tropical in the summer.
  9. They're prescription.
  10. I wear glasses that block UV and IR and I religiously wear my face mask so much that I've almost forgotten what coal smoke smells like. I'm thinking it will pay off in 40 years when I can still see and breathe.
  11. I think of most of my tooling as more or less disposable. They are meant to be hit and worn, because that is the purpose of a tool.
  12. By design, so I can clamp both objects firmly.
  13. You don't, these are just for picking the pieces up. IF you have difficulty you might need to reposition the pieces with a different pair of tongs for easier grabbing. It's better than trying to separately handle material by yourself, I can tell you that much.
  14. I made these specifically for welding small stock such as 1/8" to 1/4" and also sheet metal, the tines are rather springy so that you can clap both pieces rather well. You more or less just heat the metal up and then when you're ready you simply hammer between the tines. I am also aware that these are not very pretty.
  15. When I forge it's like poetry, I'm unfortunately unskilled in the actual poetic arts.