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New from Haydock (UK)


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On 8/19/2016 at 6:39 AM, Bigjobs said:

Hi There, 

Bigjobs here, from the UK. I'm just getting started blacksmithing, although I have a history of engineering (although I now work in IT).

Just here for hints & tips really, trying to learn as much as I can.

Welcome, Bigjobs. I joined the forum quite recently, but I'm not completely new to blacksmithing, and I've found that there is a lot of good information here (including "hints & tips" :)).

I'm sure that if you're interested in learning as much as you can, it should be a good resource for you. I had read many posts on this forum before joining, and I decided it would be helpful if I joined and started participating in some of the discussions, as well as bouncing my ideas off other people and contributing my own $.02 worth now and again.

What are your areas of interest in blacksmithing?


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Welcome to the site BJ, If you are anywhere near to Exeter anytime, feel free to call in on one of the days we are forging at Westpoint, see the Blacksmiths groups section for further information, 

Good luck, have fun and enjoy your new journey into the world of hot metal.

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