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Help With Anvil ID - Found in Italy

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New guy here; live in Naples, Italy.  Have been on the lookout for a decent anvil for a while, and finally pulled the trigger on one.  Guy had 5 for sale, ranging from 25 kg to 70 kg, as pictured above.  One of the 70 kg anvils was worn out and dead - did not pass ring test and had about zero rebound.  The other seemed to be newer and I was looking for something vintage.  I narrowed it down to the two smaller anvils in the first picture and went with the one that has some yellow paint on it.  Got it, along with the yellow stand and the hardy anvil for $250.  It weighs about 55 lbs, so maybe 25 kg?  The hardy anvil weighs about 10 lbs.  


Here's what is cast into the side - not sure if it's a FEP, PEP or PFP with the F upside down.  I'm somewhat familiar with PFP Peddinghaus anvils, but I haven't seen one marked like this.  Anyone have any ideas on vintage and/or manufacturer? 

Also, I stripped off most of the paint since this picture was taken.  Plan to give it a good wire brushing from there.  Any other recommendations on how to clean and preserve it?





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Thanks, Ridgewayforge.  It's in great shape.  I've heard about using linseed oil; I should be looking for boiled linseed oil (BLO), right?  Or is raw linseed oil pretty much the same?

Thanks, Charles -- is soybean oil just as good?  If so, I can easily pick some up locally.  Not sure if I will need to order BLO or if I can find it at the local big box store.


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I'm in Serbia for work -- anvils are cheap here!  Here's a 154 pound anvil for about $240.  Might be able to talk him down to $1/lb. http://www.kupujemprodajem.com/nakovanj-34756274-oglas.htm?filter_id=76553996 

Dang it - here's 265 lbs for about $260! http://www.kupujemprodajem.com/nakovanj-120kg-34453125-oglas.htm?filter_id=76553996

And 220 lbs for about $300...

Will have to see if I can ship one back home...

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2 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

looks a lot like those being offered for a couple of thousand dollars elsewhere...

no joke! I know where I'm moving! you could probably ship one here and it would be cheaper than what you'd pay for the one in that craigslist add I was showing you guys! just crazy, I'm in shock right now!


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