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Rose trellis


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My mother asked me to make her a trellis for a couple of rose bushes.  I am primarily a blade smith, but have been playing with a little decorative iron work.  This is the first architectural iron work I've done.  Took way longer to figure out what I wanted to do than to actually build it.  All the scrolls are 3/8" round bar with fish tails, 4-1 ratio, same for the C scrolls on the wide sections.  Dimensions are 7' tall, 9' long, 12" wide and 24" thick.  The square bar is 1/2" with interrupted twist every 12".  It's made in 3 pieces and bolted together for easy transport.  It's arc welded together, but I did my best to put all the welds on the back side and ground flush. The base is 1/4"x2" flat bar in a C shape with 3 rings on each leg with large rebar "nails" about 3' long drove into the ground to secure it.  All in all an interesting and fun project.




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Thanks, she liked, said it was more than she had in mind, but I looked at it as a way to try something different.

Not a bouncer, to old and crippled up to be busting heads anymore.  Though if the oilfield doesn't pick up soon I may have to look into it.

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