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Need a touchmark

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well depending on how complex it is you could just make one with some filing. that's what I did for mine, and it worked just fine. just remember that it needs to be reversed when you look at it on the stamp, so that when you use it is the correct way. didn't do that correctly once....


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Lieber Herr Messer,

You can create a touch mark on the cheap. If you have any artistic ability or nascent artistic tendencies. Borrow, buy or rent a rotary tool like Dremel. Get an engraving head for the tool Some of those heads are made of carbide. And grind away. Alternatively, your mark can be acid etched, in steel using acid (e.g. muriatic acid), and a wax resist. If you go the acid route please take precautions.

Have a good one.


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I second what lawn jockey said but last time I tried to show and talk about them my post was removed 

Since you asked, the warnings you were sent for both of those posts stated you were posting advertising videos. That thread was to show your touchmarks. instead you posted advertising of where to get them.

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