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  1. Thanks for the suggestions I had the hard brick on top just for comparison only using it on the bottom: I did split the 3 in brick in half for the walls to give me more room :thouthought of coating the inside with a refractory cement
  2. The floor is two 4 1/2×9 bricks and one on each side my plan was to make the top 1 1/2 thinner on top
  3. For a small 9x9 gas forge which is why I asked in the (gas forge ) section
  4. So got some 2800 deg fire brick its 3in thick would 1 1/2 work for the top?
  5. Anyone have any pros or cons on using kiln shelves for a floor and top on a gas forge ?
  6. I was looking at ryno also but couldn't get any feed back from them seen hofman anvils and really like them but he having problems getting them made and cant give a delivery date learning towards a perun now
  7. Anyone knows who sells euroanvils now.
  8. Lyle Wynn will be competing on Forge in fire Tuesday nite folks
  9. Wasn't there a show on blacksmithin when CMT was a channel don't no why but I think the guy name was ken brown and they showed how to make a forge from a wheel barrow
  10. Okay don't tell no one bahahah 1/8x 1/4 flat bar you need 3 at least 36 inches long ,clamp them to a table or tack , use a torch it helps to have an extra set of hands so you can keep it tight ,on the MFC facebook page we have a short video of this process, but here is a ruff sketch I use a cowhide mallet to help flatten it after you finish run it in your forge to tighten it up heat and beat once again thanks to Wayne was a great conference
  11. 3 foot braid I made thanks to Wayne Phifer showing me how to do it at the MFC Conference
  12. Was thinking sucker rod but I see it is threaded
  13. Well said invest in more hammer time also ck on a blacksmith group in your area ,some councils have a place that haves all you mentioned with paid dues you can use for free, the grinder is a easy build lots of you tube videos on that as well as gas forges but be sure to look for a club or coucil in your area you might meet someone who has all those toys
  14. I second what lawn jockey said but last time I tried to show and talk about them my post was removed Since you asked, the warnings you were sent for both of those posts stated you were posting advertising videos. That thread was to show your touchmarks. instead you posted advertising of where to get them.
  15. Did you use a bending jig or use the horn
  16. I agree but this sword bent over like a wet noodle , has there been any master blades smiths on the show excluding the judge ?
  17. Yep they always say that the weapon must not fail in a battle situation, umm a bent sword is a fail
  18. How many believe that there should not have been a winner last week
  19. http://youtu.be/GlpeoEALBpc Great video anwersering your question
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