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Thor's Hammer Pendent


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I don't know what all the fuss is abut these things, but I've been asked by several different people if I could make them one of these pendents.  I'd rather be making knives, but if people want to give me money for something, I tend to take it.

I just used some 3/4 round bar I had a hunk of, finished it with some copper wire and a leather cord. 




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The original ones usually had shorter handles. I have been thinking of making some but decided against it. We have a Nazi-scare in this part of the world and unfortunately people will associate them with nazis instead of our glorious pagan past. A shame really.

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That is possible but I do not sell anything. I make more money on other pursuits so I only make things for fun, family and a few gifts. I would not give a gift that would make someone look like a nazi in the eyes of stupid people. Otherwise I would certainly have made a few for my grandchildrem. By the way, a quick way to make one is to start with a screw with hexagon head. Flatten it and there you are.

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