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Use for Hollow Core Jackhammer Bit


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I liberated a rusty jackhammer bit (about 24") from my father's scrap pile with the idea of making hammers and heavy punches. I soaked this bit in vinegar and wiped away the rust to discover it is hollow.

I presume it was a water-cooled bit - not much good as stock for hammers & punches - right? Hammering-out the hollow effectively creates an internal 'shut' - right?

My imagination is in neutral on this one .... need your thoughts.

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I have some "not hollow" shanks from jack hammer bits, I think they are listed on the junk yard steel chart as s5. Are the solid ones good for hammers and the like? thanks

Well I do know this is very hard - how hard I cannot say. Before I realized this is hollow, I thought it would be good stock for a hammer ... .
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On 1/10/2008 at 11:05 PM, Jose Gomez said:

You could cut a short section (4 or so inches),forge weld one end shut and form the shut end into an axe edge, slit a hammer eye into it and foge the other end into a bowl and presto changeo you've got a pipe tomahawk.

That's a good idea. how would you drill out the handle and still leave enough for support?

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