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Is this one worth it

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You need to do the ball bearing test to check for rebound. That is a big part of whether or not it is a good buy. You take a decent sized, about 1 inch, steel ball bearing and drop it onto the anvil form about a foot up and estimate the percent it bounces back. 80% rebound is quite good.

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If it passes the ball bearing test it's a good anvil no matter who made it. If it fails the ball bearing test it's a bad anvil no matter who made it.  Checking the face for delamination is necessary to---funny we can't do any of that over the net.  It's a known good brand and that anvil has seen a lot of use, the swale is not a problem generally. *ANYTHING* done to remove the swale usually counts as premeditated grand abuse of an anvil and may destroy it's usability or cut it's use life down by a century or two.

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Thanks for the replies Everyone! Very helpful. 

But a friend of my dad has Lent me his indefinitely! Don't know too much about it.

But I got to start working some steel today.  Very exciting and oddly enough relaxing. 

The anvil is 45kg and has seen very little use. 

Can anyone tell me anything about it? 




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