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  1. It is in Renfrew. No price listed. It looks like it's in great shape. I offered 200 he came back at 350. I don't need it that bad. I am using the small blower from a gas furnace right now and it's working OK but quite loud. I like the looks of the Japanese Fuigo bellows I think I will build one.
  2. Hey everyone I came across a hand crank blower for sale on kijiji. Just wondering what it would be worth. It is listed as Canadian Forge & blower model 700 Working condition and no rust. Opinions and thoughts wanted.
  3. Some excellent responses. Thanks everyone. I think I will scoop up more bits before they are gone. We have a good number of garages local to scrounge up Springs. As well as a spring shop that services all sizes of vehicles. I reference the heat treatment guide app quite a bit to get an idea of many steels properties but nothing beats people's personal experience with metals.
  4. for the swamp cooler instead of spraying mist set up a heat exchanger or a car rad. and pump the well water through it and a fan to move air. my dad and I set one up at a bike shop in Houston for a friend, they were extremely grateful.
  5. I'm be scrap yard hunting in the gta in a few weeks. I'll be down to pick up some other treasures acquired over the winter. My dad had a grabbed almost all the steel needed for the power hammer in the first visit. Also an extra chunk of steel weighing in at around 350 lbs this is now my anvil. Replacing the 100lbs anvil I was using. Does that yard in Montreal have a separate area for possible tool steel.
  6. I attended a 3 day class last spring. it was about 8 hours each day. learned a lot of great stuff. certainly did not regret it. plus we got to keep everything we made. tongs, coal rake, and a few punches. great time very tired and blistered hands by the end.
  7. known steel seems to be very expensive in Canada. or im just looking in the wrong places
  8. hey all I know this has been covered a bit but I didn't see much in the way of a conclusive answer. I dropped by my local home depot and asked the rental center if they had any scrap tools such as hammer chisels and breaker bits, they said no but ordered all these and they wont fit our tools. so they had a pile of bits with what seemed to be an 1 1/8 shank some with chisel heads others pointed these were 12$. and then there was a pile of smaller ones approximately 1/2 inch shank 2$ each. all brand new. so I bought a couple of the big ones and 10 small ones.
  9. Ok thanks. I'm going to go ahead and build it and see how it works.
  10. I should have read the rules a little more closely. The picture I posted was basically a trough made of fire brick and a thin fire brick sized hole for air supply. I have read the box of dirt thread. But looking for something different.
  11. Good day all. I'm looking at building myself a new Forge and I am considering a side blast. Here is the style I would like to copy. Picture taken from anvil fires site. Does anyone here have experience with this style of Forge and could give some info. I main interest is blade and axe making, though currently working on honing my skills by making more tools and tongs. Primarily burn Charcoal due to availability. Mode Note: Copyrighted photo removed.
  12. Instead of drilling into the rod could I take heavy plate drill and tap that for my dies and then weld it to the rod? I see most people are using 1 inch plate for the base of there homemade hammers anyone using I Beam. Or have recommendations fore or against?
  13. Yes they are plated. I'm building the Appalachian Krusty hammer. Aiming for between 50-80lbs hammer. Depending on the materials found at the yard.
  14. So I've been pondering about materials needed for my power hammer and my dad mentioned he has a few large hydraulic rods I could use if he can't sell them. Are these suitable for a anvil or hammer. They are about 6 inches or so thick.
  15. I certainly was not expecting freebies. My dad is down in Toronto this week and is visiting a scrap yard he deals with often. They have everything I need to build my power hammer other than possibly the anvil. All at scrap prices. Think he said 35 or 40 cents a pound.
  16. Good day all. Anyone known of good scrap yards in Ottawa Ontario. A Google search turns up auto wreckers. But I am looking more for places that would have things like I Beam and large plate and heavy square tube.
  17. The yard I mention is one I have full access to the yard. I'll have to take a drive to Ottawa. that's much closer. Thanks for the input so far I'm sure I'll have more questions. Luckily I have my dad's help he collects lots of treasure and is a skilled fabricator. And merry Christmas everyone
  18. Gotcha. Hoping to start scrap shopping soon. Only issue is the closest yard worth going to is about 5 hours away. Any Canadians on here that knows of a good place to buy uhmw.?
  19. Anyone have a recommendation for how long the guide should be using using 2 sets of bearing on each side. I have zero experience so I can only really guess. I am thinking about 10 inches but is this overkill. If I am thinking about this right 10" Guide + 7" travel + 2ish" whip? + 6" of adjustable height. =a minimum of 25" ram is 63lbs using 3" bar. plus top die. Does this sound right? Is 3 inch a good ram size? I don't need that heavy of a hammer. But thought 2 inch ram would be too weak.
  20. Does any one here have any pictures of a guide using skateboard wheels? Seems more durable
  21. wow that is alot of variance. i guess i will stick with the sheets. thanks. is uhmw still the better option. how much work are you doing between changing out the guide surfaces?
  22. I see. How long could it take to get sloppy? The plastic tube isn't terribly expensive and the way I'm envisioning the way to mount it should be able to Change it out in minutes. Anyone one else able to share there wear rates with uhmw guides.?
  23. Good day all. I'm looking at building the guided helve power hammer. (rusty/Krusty??) For the ram and guide I was looking at uhmw for bearing surface and thought what about using round tube uhmw for the guide and a length of round bar 4140 for the ram.? Seems too easy am I missing something?
  24. Thanks guys. I am trying to use steels that I either have on hand or can get locally. Shipping steel gets pretty pricey. Though I now have a source of 01 drill rod and flat. As for welding up a billet I wasn't going for a pattern. Just the size needed for an axe
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