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The guy is one of my 14 shop employes. He is the 4th generation.:) that's why he looks old i am just the second :)as far as i know. Taping the handel on the anvil is done in order for the hammer had to be more stable and enter into the handel a little diiper.Plus it helps with the song that;s why i let him hit my anvil with the hammer head as well betwen hits.It's a pleasure 2 see him working.

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your hammer does look like a copy of a beche. it might be a 'stanko'?

The size of the hammer looks like it could be 80 kg ram weight. This does not correspond with your motor though. The capacity of the motor is enough for a 150 kg ram weight hammer! (approx 20 h.p)

The next time you do some maintenance you could take the ram out and weigh it!

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