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  1. hello kallsme n can you help me with a question about a Beche Grohs Hammer 50kg?
    jeg forstar ogsa svensk er halv norsk.
    i want to change my slitestrips pa min hammer.. they are rivets with copper how do you rivet this ?

  2. What litterature and picture do you need? Hope this will help you a little Kallsme
  3. Hi! I from Russia. The characteristic of materials V2525-70, V-2250-96, V-2906-95 (a chemical compound and other) is necessary to me. You could help me with it?

  4. under my Beche`500kg hammer its 270cm of concrete and lots of reinforcement to hold the concrete, so it not will crack. And also 10cm of oak wood. My little 150kg Beche
  5. I have not work with Kuhn hammer but I hawe a lot of experience of Beche
  6. Here I am beginning to forge a skewer with a ball att the rear end unfortunately does not the whole video upploaded YouTube - Beche 500 kg powerhammer Here is another video from my shop, with swedish talk:D http://www.hammar-hejarsmide.se/hammarohejarsmide2.wmv Kallsme
  7. There is no words for mulled in Sweden, but mulled wine is a sort of hot wine punch, specially for the chrismas time here in sweden. Valentin Ofcourse i will forge a Tank or a copy of Titanic or a warior ship or a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. The length of the rounbar i use was about 65mm. Kallsme
  9. 3/4" roundbar:D I use those as thootpick, he he This one is forged from a 190mm roundbar in two heat. Glenn. The typewriter is an Underwood from about 1903-05
  10. I hope that the right word for it in the thread I forged a big ladle for mulled wine, Just for the big fun, as allways:D:D
  11. You can ewen cook your neighbor if they are bad,:D:D:D Kallsme
  12. This skewer with a ball in the upper end(is it the right word for this in english?) was forge in my other 500kg Beche
  13. Thanks Thats one of my five powerhammer. You are allways welcome to wisit the forge anytime. This video was taken on our yearly blacksmith event in Granbergsdal in my forge. Welcome next year in september and try to forge in these machine:) Kallsme