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I Forge Iron

Whole lot of shaking going on.

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I heard it made CNN but local news didn't say anything I noticed. At around 1:30 this morning a 7.1 earthquake shook the Iniskin peninsula(?) across cook Inlet from and south of Anchorage. It woke me out of a sound sleep and I don't wake up that easy. Teenylittlemetalguy lives in Anchorage and he said it lasted maybe 5 minutes after he woke up.

Seeing as it wasn't news worthy enough I took a look at http://earthquake.alaska.edu/earthquakes

This is a UA site that just came online recently. Anyway, I winkled out how to find the quakes by the time and located the 1:30 quake. There was a heck of a cluster of quakes but this is a really REALLY active zone so I didn't take much notice, there are swarms regularly spread around this fault system. Wow I thought 12-15 quakes in one day! Later I was pointing out the cluster to Deb and there were only maybe 7 so I read the legend again. Red spots are in the last TWO HOURS, not 24. The orange spots are the last 2 days and the yellow two weeks.

I haven't looked up the new geology map of Alaska UA put up recently but will. I just can't help thinking that kind of cluster of steady shaking might mean a volcano is getting ready to get interesting. It's been a few years since I could watch a volcano from the front porch.

This is as much to try reaching the Alaskan guys as anyone else. Deb and I are fine, just a couple boxes to pick up and the well to clear. Please shout out so we know you're okay or need anything.

Frosty The Lucky.

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At my house few items fell over, the biggest mess was the water that sloshed out of the fish tank. Further south around Soldotna it ruptured gas lines in a neighborhood and 4 houses were damaged by fire. This was the biggest one I have felt in the 30+ years I have been here!

The epicenter was in an active volcanic reagion where the 1912 Katmai-Novarupta eruption occurred creating the valley of 10,000 smokes which is still cooling 100+ years later!

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Oh man Frosty I was sure glad all my rivets were tight.  I think it shook the scale right off some of the iron I just forged.

My slag tubs were sloshing.  My dogs woke me up about a second before it hit.   I am a true believer animals can

sense it happening.   Its not the first time they have alerted us to a quake up here in Alaska.

My wife wasn't to happy with me when she realized I was more worried about my shop then her china hutches.

Jim "Arctic Anvil"




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