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Mason jar candle holders

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A friend asked for a few candle holders that dangle in a one quart mason jar.  First didn't quite end up the way I wanted but its pleasing enough.  The rest I made more like poppies,  as she's a horticulturist.  Found a great big washer from some bridge decking or some such with a 1" hole in it and it's 1/2- 3/4" thick.  Cut  a piece of the bolt that was through the washer to act as a drift.  It is around 3/4" dia.  The candle holder is a few scraps of 45 gal drum I have left cut 3" square. Best to drift it hot or the petals will shear.  Learned that one the hard way. The petals are layed out much the same as for a rose, just four petal and  texturing is the same.  The handle is easy to figure out and its 13" of 1/4" round.  Drill a small hole in the bottom of the candle cup and weld onto the handle. 






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Pull them out of the forge at a nice red heat wire brush the scale off and when it is dropping into a black heat take a brass brush to it John.  A good coat of clear coat gives it a nice lusterous shine.  

She's really pleased with the pics I sent her.  So I'm pretty sure there will be more to make in the future.

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