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So last week i met up with a knife maker who had decided to get out of the field. He sold me some damascus billets and as i was leaving he asked me if i could replace a handle on a knife, i told him i was pretty sure i could so he went inside and brought out a beautiful damascus knife with a guard and butt cap also damascus. The handle material was stacked sections of wood and brass but the glue had come loose on the pieces so it was all spinning around the tang and was essentially useless. So i took it home and took the handle off but now that i see the tang it is insanely thin, like the width of a pipe cleaner. Looking at it i just feel like it would never stand up to use as a knife for anything but show. So i thought about cutting the whole thing off and welding on a new tang entirely. Any thoughts on this? I guess pros and cons really. Like would my weld make for a weaker tang than just leaving it in its current state?

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Ohhhh yeah, looks like you got some Pakimascus if you ask me. That knife is never going to be any more than a wallhanger, and could be dangerous to the wielder and onlookers if ever actually used.

To be honest, before we even approach how to repair this guy I want to see pictures of the damascus billets he sold you... I'm worried they might end up being as useless as this knife.

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The shame of it is that it's a rather pretty blade on the end of a totally inadequate tang.

Have you thought of grinding a half tang from the lower part of the blade, making the whole thing shorter but much more useable? Or does he insist on keeping the full blade?

If the latter, I'd suggest brazing a mounting lug onto the back of the blade and permanently fastening it to a wall plaque.

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I'm not a knife guy so this suggestion may seem off the wall but: 

1) grind the thickness of the blade back to the start of the thumb cut out at the same angle as the guard.

2.) reshape the reground portion to a width which will make a decent handle,

3.) Tig weld or silver solder mild steel or bronze pieces to reinforce the handle, 

You would lose the finger cut out but save the majority of the blade

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