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Damascus Pattern Identification

Dustin Quade

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I don't know the correct terminology, but hazarding a guess in order of appearance I think they may have been produced by the following procedures:



Twist and folded


crimped and folded

I'm sure one of the more experienced bladesmiths will be along shortly to put me straight and assign the correct terminology :D ( they's darn prutty tho int they)

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Flemish pretty well nailed that. The first is a very soft or mild twist, then there is what looks like a re-squared bar flattened out, followed by a plain random pattern, a ladder pattern, and bird's eye (or pool & eye, or rain drop, etc.) with the holes drilled in straight rows. Where did you get them?

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They look very much like the "1095" and "15N20" billets being mass produced in Pakistan.. I had someone give me one not that long ago and it's all delamination headaches under the hammer.. If thats what they are, then they're pretty enough for guards, bolsters and maybe even a little stock removal.

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Sorry it took me so long to get back to this topic but i have had alot of projects on the go. I finally had time to test out that steel i got. First i tried hardening a bar and comparing it to some hardened 01 steel. The file skated off the edge of the hadened piece. Then i forged out a blade from the piece and tried to see if i noticed any delamination but i didnt notice anything off hand. Im very new so maybe i just dont know what to look for but it looked alright to me. so i took the piece to the grinder to finish it up and i edged the blade in boiling vinnegar. The etch took after about 4 minutes and the pattern came back through. I dont know if any of that means anything really. Like i said im really just getting started but all in all im happy with my results so far. Attached a pic of the knife i made from it.


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