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A lot to be said of Learning from others in person

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Crazy Ivan Came to my shop today to forge and teach me a bit. He's pretty good with tooling but after poking around and seeing a smaller post vice I had sitting there with a broken mount I asked him if we could make a new mount for it. His mind started working and in no time he dug up a piece of steel and had an idea. Well all I can say is that post vice is fully functional again and I learned a lot from the experience. He has more pictures and may be doing a post on it but here is the picture of the mount beside the broken nub. We worked it a tad more after the picture. But it's fully functional again. There is something to be said of learning from someone first hand. It's Thank you. :D  I'll be glad to have him back anytime and will try to help in what ways I can.  


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I keep getting the forbidden bug. I'll keep trying to post pictures. 





In the second picture you see the parent stock. The line closest to you in the picture ws cut from the stock. Going up, you see two vertical lines which were cut away leaving the center column which was folded and welded to create the eye to accept the bar and wedge to hold the bracket to the vice. The furthest section in the image was split down the center and each piece was drawn down and curves/punched to make the mounting points. It worked out well and I had a good time making it. Another vice restored to good working order!  


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