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Snake - esque ring holders


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I seem to have trouble making the same thing twice. I'm hoping that is just lack of practice at the same piece. Either way, my father in law had his mig welder in one day and we made a few Bending tools. I clamped one of them into the vise and made a bit of a snake like curve for the base. Still playing with the double headed holders. 

Made from 1/4 hot rolled a36. Warm finished with trewax and the tips are sprayed with plasti dip. 





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I like this one though it's a little creepy but that's fine, it's a good creepy. Have you made scrolling pliers? Same exercise as making tongs with short reins and pointy round bits. If you make two pair you can form these at will, a little practice and it'll be almost as good as bare fingers.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I was looking in to those a few days ago and I just haven't done it yet. The rounded taper intimidates me a bit. My riveting has improved a ton since my first one. 

 I'll put that on my to do list... But iI did just get a ring mandrel from amazon that I'm dying to play around with. 

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what are you welding with? if they work then they work but man.. those welds...... 

  Snakes shape looks fine tho but as Frosty said make the head more like a head and the tail like a tail and it'll look better. envision the creature your implying. but better then i have thought of :)

  one thing I see that i'd say to improve for holding rings is to round the part that holds the ring and not have it squared where steel could cut into gold. keep up the good work.

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Lol my father in law did it with a little 110 mig. I wanted to be able to use them by hand too, hence the long reins. But they also had to put up with the torque, so he piled the weld on like crazy. 

I had meant to level them off in the forge  but iI haven't got to it yet. 

And iI might trim the tips so that two will fit in the vise together 

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