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Approximate weight based on dimensions

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My machinest friend has eyed an anvil he may be able to buy or trade work for. He took some measurements but its dirty enough he couldn't read anything. No pictures at this time.

Hardy = 1 1/4

horn tip to tail = 36"

height = 14"

face width = 6"

What say ye?

Kind of like guessing how many dimes are in a gallon pickle jar!


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I can't remember the height of my anvil off the top of my head but it's 36" long, 6" wide with a 1 1/4" hardy and its marked 4-0-0 (448 lbs) so you're probably in the same ballpark. whatever the scales say its a good sized shop anvil, providing you don't have to move it too often!

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Is it gracile or robustus for those dimensions?  Old english style with a fat waist or cast anvils with fat heels may weigh 100 pounds more than a slim attenuated late 19th century American styled anvil.  But yes it's big with the 1.25" hardy hole---unless someone enlarged a smaller one...

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