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I Forge Iron

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Well today i finally found time to get back on the forge and decided i would see if i could make myself a hot cut hardy. I started with a piece of 1 1/4in shaft then tapered it to fit into my hardy hole. After that i upset the metal to for a bit of a lip over the hardy and to give myself a bit more metal to spread out to make the edge. after i got everything situated where i wanted it i flattened the round stock out and drew out the edge. Heat treated it then sharpened and of course tested! Was like a hot knife through butter and beats the heck outa my hacksaw lol 



IMAG0007 edit.jpg

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thanks guys, as for thickness its actually thicker than it looks in the pictures by quite a bit. as for what the shaft was originally, i have no idea, probably an axle or shaft from a piece of farm equipment since i got it from my buddies farm when they were cleaning out their scrap pile. think half of that pile made its way into my truck  instead of the scrap yard. including ~4ft of 1/2" wrought iron

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