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ID my anvil!

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Looking forward to using it! The only problem remains is moving the great lump from the front (two feet from the car) all the way to the back garden where i intend to use it...

Thanks for all the replies! Now I know what I'm looking at It will command a bit of care and respect.... but only a bit ;)

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When I got my large anvil, I arranged to host a local smithing group meeting and have them help move it. It has two hardy holes so we put two pipes through it and had 4 people lifting so only about 128# apiece.  I really wish they had waited till I got the doors to the shop open first so they didn't have to stand their holding it while I unlocked and opened them...

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Ok so just because it's an English anvil this does not mean it is a Mousehole anvil. There were literally hundreds of forges in the UK making anvils, some companies were larger than others and some obviously stamped their name on them more clearly but there are many anvils out there with no markings on what so ever. - Sorry but this has become a bugbear of mine. 

In short yes it is an English anvil but that does not make it a Mousehole.  - Also lacking any name does not mean it is poor quality. Anyone wonder why the UK didn't import many anvils or why it's hard to find any from abroad? 

That hole near the horn is the pritchel hole. I've seen numerous anvils with it placed in that location. It is not particularly common but it's not rare or one of a kind. There must have been some purpose to it but I have no idea what. My very first anvil had a hole in this location that was filled in, what was left of the hole underneath became rectangular by the time it reached the underside of the horn. 

The hole looks like it should be bigger  - that isn't just dirt clogging the hole is it? 



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