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Crazy anvil price!!!!!!

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Hi, just thought I would see what you guys and gals think of this. I saw an anvil on craigslist, it was a 400 pound fisher and the ad said, "make an offer," so I sent an email with a price of 900 dollars expecting him to counter offer with maybe 1500 or 1600 hundred. Instead, I got this email, his name has been left out along with the ebay links.

Hello Ted,

Thank you for your offer....

Sending along some comp's for you to view....

Thank you again....



Thank you for your interest and offer!  

I have included several links that show some some current sale prices for anvils. (see below)

It is often hard to find exact comp's.

Most people don't like the "new prices" of anvils, and they also don't like the "used prices".  

Anvils are expensive. $$$$$

I am looking for "fair market" value on the anvils. Please take a look at the current "actual" sales prices for anvils.

And I have included a picture (below) that show some anvils that are not currently for sale.

Thank you, 

Here are some recent anvil sale prices for you to compare.... 

And here are some anvils still for sale.... 

Price for a new (off brand) 200 lb. from Northern....(plus shipping) 

Recent eBay sale price for an old 80 pound Fisher in fair condition but dated.....

(My anvil & auction....Shipped to CA) 

Railroad Track Anvils..... (Lots of them, but not cheap.) 

50 Pound Hay Budden anvil..... 

Recent 223 lb. Hay Budden (sold) comp....


All of the anvils he linked to were out of this world in pricing. An 80 pound fisher with chipped but good edges was around 680 dollars plus 105 dollars shipping and a hay budden 293 pound anvil was 2,500. All the old anvils he linked to were around or over 8 dollars a pound.

My main issue is, why would you say, "make an offer," when you know your anvil prices are past new prices. Why not just say what you want for the anvil in the ad and spare yourself lots of wasted emails and calls. I felt like he was trying to school me in what I should be willing to pay for an anvil. The problem is I feel bad that I made him an offer because in his world my price must be really insulting. Either way the ad has been up for two months on the fisher, that should have been my fist clue. I bet he would not pay 8 dollars a pound for an anvil.

Have a good day;



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I kind of think that when people see an anvil, they think they're from medieval blacksmiths, rather than only being 100 or less years old. All medieval movies I've ever seen depict a blacksmith's anvil in the London pattern. I could be wrong, but I think it's that ignorance that helps drive up the price.

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I recently posted about a possible anvil bubble in prices. I agree, prices have climbed to stupid leaves in my opinion. But, then again some people have paid the "stupid" prices, so..............

You don't mention where you are located, adding it to your profile will help people help you with better information. 

I just bought a 138# Peter Wright in good shape for $100. (My pains level is around $1 a pound, and all 7 of my anvils from 50#-306# have been in that range. Some slightly higher, some not even close to that- 150# for $50. You pay what YOU can afford, not what others can.


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Hey Doublehorn- where you at? Sounds like the guy on the Phila CL out my way. I have seen his prior posts and didn't bother to ask pricing. He just kept renewing every week or so. Don't know if it's the same guy, but there is a 252# Hay Budden, currently marked down to $2250, been refreshed weekly for the last month. If he can get that kind of scratch, then God bless him. But yowie!



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yes when I lived in Columbus Ohio I bought a 515# Fisher in mint condition for US$350 cash; for 15 years I averaged a good name brand anvil in great condition for under $1 a pound.  I'd point out that the US government paid $640 for a toilet seat and you'd be willing to trade him *5* toilet seats even for it!

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I thought anvil prices were high out here, but you guys near Philly have it worse. Lots of anvils listed, and all for what I consider extreme prices.


The picker guy has a bunch of nice ones, and it looks like he bought as many as he could to control the market...........


I never saw so many Fishers listed at the same time, the 1800's one was interesting. The feet are very different than the newer ones.

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Anybody can ask any price they want, as long as one is prepared to sit on it for a long time.  I do know the pickers with those listings will negotiate for a cash sale.  The only thing I do not like is that they sandblast the anvils and wipe out the patina of time.

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