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I Forge Iron

Leg iron, ball and chain


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My middle son had a pair of plastic leg irons that he bought at Disney World last year that broke last night.  It was devastating for a 10 yr old pirate not to have Irons so he could "throw his brothers in chains" last night.

I made these for him today.





I think I might be in trouble with the wife this evening!





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I try Frosty, I try.

I figure life is way to short! 

I'm sure I'll get in trouble when one of the buys takes something like those to show and tell at school someday. 


I think I can lay some of the blame for the leg irons on either ThomasPowers or Guru at the other board.  One of them told me I should learn how to do a simple lock and suggested the book that that design came out of. Ya ya that's the ticket:D 

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Where have you been Thomas? I didn't see any post from you for several days and was beginning to worry!


How are the chains attached to the shackle on your originals?  The book I had just showed the hasp, bail and lock, not how the chain was attached.




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Roadtrip without access; taught a smithing class at NM Tech last weekend.  


Hmm will have to examine them to check on that---unfortunately they are back at the Socorro smithy and I'm down in El Paso  just like *everything* always is---though I did remember to bring back the william Foster anvil to get  a picture of it in it's damaged state

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