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  1. That clock is an craftsman masterpiece Sir !!! Really an awesome project. Combination of old looking wood with metal...just wonderful !!! Viktor
  2. Simple good looking present. If u allow ill steal this idea with few changes. Really beatifull. Viktor
  3. Good afternoon guys, at first i wish u merry and peaceful Christmas time. My last crafted piece is an pirate chest. Its necessary to say that theres no blacksmith work. Its just about cutting, grinding, assembling and welding pieces together. I would like to say that this chest moved my craft skills forward. It took me cca 12 hours till i finished it. Wood is spruce stained with palisander and steel parts are painted with "hammer-colour" (thats how we call it here "kladivková farba"). Hinges are made from bolt with two nuts, easy, cheap and functionally solution. i hope u will like it. I
  4. I am really glad that u like it, it means lot for me. Thanks guys and Merry Christmas ;)
  5. Good morning guys, its 7 a.m. there and i want to share my last project with you. Forged out off scrap metal and car spring. Its one of the Christmas presents that ive made this winter. I spent 7 hours till i finished it. Its 45 cm tall and 23 cm wide. Have a nice day ;)
  6. Hi Gergely ;) yes ill tested it on wine bottle, there was no problem with opening or screwing it into cork. I tried to make an thinner screw but it has broken in half. Later ill write u down exact size (i am in job now). PS to Gergely: irtam neked ;) olvasd el :)
  7. Thinking about christmas presents, any ideas?

  8. Hey guys, after a longer time am back with an new project. Its my first corkscrew that i´ve ever made. Before i start, its necessary to say that i am just an amateur fan blacksmith, but i need to hear critique from you guys. Even if it will be negative, i need to hear it. Critique can improve my self-access to do things better. (grammar like a boss :-D). I made it for an old guy living in my village that gave me 100 kg coal for free. Cockscrew is made from two different type of steel. Handle is forged from piece of steel that been used as reinforcement of truck bumper (Skoda Liaz)
  9. Thank you guys for your advice and answers. My first job on anvil was damask :) Have nice day and lot of luck with smithing :) Viktor
  10. yesterday ive finished anvil stand for this anvil. Nothing difficult, barel cut off in a half with angle grinder, wooden cube made from 11x13cm beams (wooden cube is 42cm long, 35wide, 30tall) buried in sand from all sides. Its pretty much stable, weight of anvil stand is cca 80kg. :) Viktor :)
  11. second rebound test: These are promised photos :) and me and my girlfriend :)
  12. Hey guys, thanks for your advices, today I got the anvil, you can watch a video of reboun test, later i upload more videos and photos, anvil is quite good. The oldman (80 years old +-) said me that his grandfather was doing blacksmith with this anvil. :) it means it is more than 100 years old. rebound test:
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