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Shop fire


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Hey Gang, one of ours had a shop fire that about totaled it. I just got the notice yesterday from Eric on Theforge list hosted by ABANA and the update from Rob this morning. It doesn't look as bad as first thought but putting your tools and equipment through a fire is never a good thing.

I didn't see a notice on IFI and thought I'd pass word on as soon as I had permission.

Frosty The Lucky.


 Rob Fertner

 Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 2:43 AM

 To: 'Blacksmithing List Sponsored by ABANA'

 Subject: Re: [TheForge] Bill Moffet (KS) shop fire


 I talked to Bill last night on the phone. Things aren't as bad as 1st

 thought. Power hammer burnt but rebuildable. Motor, clutch blocks,

 springs are gone. No cracks in frame. Anvils still have a ring and

 faces still seem hard. Hand tools are salvageable. Hammers can be re

 heat treated and handled. Some of the tools are buried under a foot of

 charcoal. His cone mandrel and post vise are down in a pit with the charcoal still smoldering.

 He may be able to retrieve them in a few days, but any other tools in

 the pit are gone. They'll get covered up. The shop was in an old

 wooden grain elevator that a friend was letting him use. The property

 owner has cleared rubble out of the street and out back by the

 railroad tracks. His focus is getting the remaining rubble cleared,

 holes covered, and his remaining buildings protected. Bill's focus is

 getting what he can out of there. He's taken a loss, but he's not

 wiped out. Fortunately, he may be getting a little insurance money. Won't cover it all, but it should help.



 Wichita KS



 Eric Klaus

 Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 1:45 PM

 To: theforge@mailman.qth.net

 Subject: [TheForge] Bill Moffet (KS) shop fire


 Bill Moffet from Rose Hill Kansas had a shop fire Saturday night that

 completely destroyed his shop and tools.  For any of you that may not

 know him, he's a very talented and all around great guy.  I met him a

 couple years ago at the Prairie Blacksmith Association Fall conference

 in Grand Island NE.  It looks like an online fundraiser has been set

 up to assist him in recovering.



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I'm sorry to hear this. I hope he's able to salvage as much as possible from the wreckage. Hopefully insurance will help him out, but so many things we have are tough to put a price on. Hand made tools and jigs are difficult to set a fixed price on and most likely the insurance company will want to try and avoid paying on this stuff. If you have been around for awhile, all that can add up  just in materials alone, let alone fuel and time.


It's a good reminder for many of us to keep insurance in mind. I know in the event of a fire, most of my stuff would be a fight to get covered. My business insurance will probably try to duck out of it as that's not what I make my real money at, and my renters insurance probably won't cover my blacksmithing tools that are not at my house, if they'd even cover them there. This is also a good reminder that fires can happen to anyone, so it's good to keep fire safety in mind all the time. A fire watch when done doing hot work, as well as working fire extinguishers and smoke alarms if need be.

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When I built my new shop last winter my agent showed up to asses it for coverage when I told him a Blacksmith shop with forge he asked with a fire and then closed his I pad and said good luck, the cost will double or more your present policy and then it will not cover any tools without a separate rider for more $$$$.  We will look for a different company in a yr. or so when we get settled.  They only want to cover something that can't burn. 

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