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What are they making?

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Some interesting stuff going on in this video, but I'm still not sure what these guys (and girl) are making. Looks like some sort of massive wedge or lever component.
Anyway, I'm not real convinced about the safety considerations of the guy moving the steel (3.00). Judging by the smoke coming off that glove he wasn't too comfortable either.
They've mangled a pretty fair lump of square bar there - anyone know what the end result actually is??

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There was a pair of tongs laying on the bed of the first forge press, he just never used them. A guy has to really be into smithing to prefer to use his hands on hot steel. SMOKING GLOVES  Batman!


Frosty The Lucky.


Obviously he was in the 'zone'… working with a team of mixed skill strangers with a language barrier and in an alien environment may have contributed!



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