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New member, new anvil 1st post

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Hello all my 1st post here. I just brought home my 1st "real" anvil a 115 lbs HAY BUDDEN. included are some pix It came with a monster post vise also. total cost was 200.00 USD. Now I can quit using the two RR anvils and the ASO from HF. I finally scored a real one. Both the anvil and post vise are in excellent condition. with only slight wear shown in the pix on the anvil. 20150128_132850_zpsae76251e.jpg 20150128_132900_zpsfb175625.jpg 20150128_132903_zpsbd0506a6.jpg Now for the introduction. A little about my self. I do some casting, own a 1946 atlas metal lathe 9 inch throw 46 inch bed complete, to much tooling to list. pro cutting rig. cheapo mig ( looking for a nice arc this summer) I like to make and fix things. I work in the medical field in hemodialysis. Got a great background in tools and safety, as a child as my parents owned a construction company. I'm from Seattle but currently live in Scranton Pa. 43 YO with 4 kids and a better then great wife. Have done some why lee coyote ( no pun intended) smithing over the years both metal and gun work. Looking forward to using the new anvil. I know I got a great deal on this Hay Budden and post vise just figured I'd share and show some pix of it. I found the anvil 5 days after I started looking. Now if the weather would just warm up I can smack some metal. Rich

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Great find on the anvil and post vise.  It sounds like you are on your way to getting hooked on blacksmithing.  Try to share your knowledge with your kids.  Getting them hooked and working with you will give everyone lifetime skills.


And welcome to IFI.  There is a wealth of information here produced by smiths around the world.  Use the search box at the upper left to search for almost anything you can think of. 

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OK you asked for pix of the post vise so here ya go.....










Ya know I brought the anvil right into the house when I got it home.

then drug it back out for pix then back in.

Wife says to me. 

I know how excited you are with your new tools, but you don't need to carry it around with you everywhere you go!

Made me laugh. 

And yes, I already gave the smallest RR anvil to my 5 year old son. 



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Stuartthesmith my wife is a Montrose meteor She was raised these. I lived in Susquehanna Pa until 2010 Well familiar with the area. I work in Tunkhannock at Tyler 

And go to Franklin hill Rd. across from Heplers to target shoot. 

SoI guess we are both chew'n the same dirt!


I'll have to bounce up there and see what ya have for sale when the weather is warming if you have hrs. or such.




PS: thanks all for the welcome. 

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I know I've been by your place many times Stuart. 

I think accept for the way we earn a living we are a lot alike. the way you said in your video " it can always be better" 

I drive my wife nuts with saying that. 

She'll say that came out great or something like that. and I say it could be better. 

Like I said Ill have to get up there when it warms up there are tools I need and either have to make or buy for this anvil.

Other then one pair of tongs and other minor things I don't have much. I even have a ghetto furnace powered with a shop vac.


Here are some pix. 1st is 300 lbs wheel weights refined down to ingots that totaled 200 usable Lbs of usable for reloading.

next pic is copper pipe mixed in with the zinc from the WW to make Brass.


Finished products







I have more pix of tin soldiers I cast up that week also as I have a few of those molds, but I sure don't want to photo bomb the site.

There is a lot of work to do with the brass yet, as you can see from the ingot I wasn't able to degas it right. I'm working on that. that and all that pipe and zinc yeilded on ingot.

As you can see I am far from full time. My plan this spring is to get something better setup now that I have a "real" anvil. something more permanent in the way of a forge. Something with a roof and such. A building dedicated to Fire and TROS ( the riddle of steel) the other shops in the back yard are already full of other tools. 


I'll be looking you up real soon to meet if you do not mind Stuart.


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Nice anvil and post vise. They should serve you and your family for generations with use -pending you do not feed that mogwai after midnight.


Since your are in PA I will put a plug in for the Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmiths' Association. Check out this link for more information www.pabasite.org


Our next meeting will be on 2/7/2015.

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WD&mmlteach thanks looked at the site and printed the application form. Frosty ya been playing with metal in liquid form and red form for about 20 years as a hobby. Hence the need to finally make the move to a real anvil. Hoping I can work out a deal with StuarttheSmith on the forge he presented a pic of in the other thread. would be like to have a pro forge instead of the homemade one's I've made/used over the years. would also give the shop a more classy look. We just have to work out details and such. if nothing else I get to meet a really cool guy and maybe talk him into selling some hardy tools so I don't have to make them. LOL. Rich

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