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5-I Nazel hammer rebuild advice needed

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Here's a couple of pics of the rust on the tup and a broken packing collar. Looks like the collar has been broken for a while. What's the best way to deal with the rust? What's the best way to weld/repair the broken collar?






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Wow, looks like some work! Defiantly need to  get the tup smoothed up or it will just eat your seals. Not sure how much you may be able to take it down but you may be able to make the mate lager to accommodate the loss. When I rebuilt my steam hammer we took a 1/4" overall off the piston rod, packing did the rest. Brazing cast should be fine, some use splints to reinforce the area, try and be gentle with her... 

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Nope, this one came out of southern California and was in a shop that made shanks for backhoe teeth . I've had this one for 12 or more years. It was bought in 1951 by H&L company. I've never had this one running.


I need recommendations for the foundation and for dies. Everything looks pretty good so far.


Thanks everyone,



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