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Mantis mania


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OK, so somebody wants you to make a praying mantis.
Started with a railway spike - drew out the middle section and forged the triangular head shape. Spot welded eyes with the Mig, forged the wings from light flat bar and the legs from 6mm square. The big front grabber legs were forged in one piece from 12mm square - spikes chiselled in. Nails for the antennae.
The last pic shows one I made from junk - an old spring-handled chipping hammer body, plier bits for front legs, old reo for other legs, a shovel handle for wing covers and nail feelers.
I prefer the forged ones - by the time you search around for the right bits of junk, it's faster to forge them. I tried a few of different sizes.

Anyway, here's what they look like:
post-50874-0-64345400-1418722140_thumb.j  post-50874-0-38639600-1418722177_thumb.j  post-50874-0-28139900-1418722234_thumb.j  post-50874-0-91917600-1418722276_thumb.j

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Thanks Scott. Yes, those chipping hammer handles are useful for all kinds of insect bodies. I wish I had more of them. (I guess the shape wouldn't be too hard to forge by wrapping some 6mm bar.
And thanks Frosty - I guess where you are, you would be hard pressed to find a real mantis as a model! Lots of 'em here.

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