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    Howdy, after viewing the gallery here recently an joining. I am absolutely amazed with the skill levels an talent shown.

    I am definitely a hobbyist smith wannabe at best. Am very much a perfectionist granted. Although I'll have to exert a tremendous amount of effort to stand amongst most here. As it's been a relatively long time, since I've forged into the dead of night,,,

    I'd love to learn from every single person here. As everyone has something to offer. As we've all made mistakes, some even embarrassing ones at that,,, I know I have. Also learned from every one too.

    I only wished I'd known about IFI many years ago. As its members are awesome smiths. An honestly try to help us dummies out there. Thank you all for your most wise devoted thoughts an valuable time spent here at IFI.

    So please do share your thoughts n techniques you'd be willing to pass onward. As I will do the same very willingly if you ask.
    Perseverance is the key to success. Noone masters a skill set overnight,,,

    Forge On My Brothers n Sisters, an Keep Your Fires Hot.

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  1. Welcome Nate n late one for you Marcy,,, Search the site before asking, my 1st lesson even though I knew better at my age. Good people here, read n read n take notes. Later,,,Ty
  2. That is too cool n then some. Excellent job mate, one of the best junk art pieces I've ever seen. Amazing the talent so many have out there today. Thanks for sharing,,, Ty
  3. Hey Dutch looks like you're doing fine as you have shown. I'd take the advice for getting with a few smiths that way. Enjoyed the pictures thanks. I once knew a guy named Dutch. Yes know the chances are about as good as winning the lottery too. You aren't a brother rag'nar by chance are ya? Smile. If so, you'll know who I am real quick I'd say. Anyhow, chances are very slim,,, Wish I had a axle like sjs stated in above post. My 1st forge as a kid was a coffee can with cement n a old rainbow vacuum. Was really good for starting fires too when windy. Those were the days for sure,,, Always sa
  4. Hmmn, I think tradin a wife for a girlfriend is in order so I can get some ocp tongs.lol Nice girl, ya might take notice brother,,, Got a long johns bottoms, gun cleaning kit to add to the other 12 mixed misfits thanks to my kids n friends. Hey, I just about died, my dentist wrote me check for 400 bucks. As I just had 6k uppers dentures with posts n ma washed em in my sweats n fell out n broke 2 teeth. Told em what happened. Next morin, his wife said I was a rare guy. As most everyone lies n says they broke just eating a sandwich. Leavin him the costs,,, So I guess telling the truth stil
  5. Wow, awesome work sir,,, Thanks for sharing very much. I seem to remember my granny had one many moons ago now. An now I am that grandfolk age too.lol.
  6. Ironman, well stated sir. A few beers also helped back then.lol Yet never kissed my anvil hoping for a sexy girl. Although hindsight being what it is, wished I had now. Laughin Just know by experience n many years of grey hairs. Wishing for that sweet Angel of a lady. Could now be seen as tryin to entise a Langley sponsored water boarding baptism of a feral cat,,, Just tryin to bring some added humor to this topic. Smile. Enjoy you guys allot,,, Ty
  7. Interesting topic fellow smiths. Think everyone has their own very independent viewpoint an assumptions. Leaving no one thought nor opinion incorrect to another. I would definitely lean towards Jim Cokes previous post. Which I am in total agreement with such,,, Very wise n skillful smith indeed. When ask of such some 30 years ago. Such habit or "Why Factor" as I tend to say. Even eluded somewhat, as even I wondered some too? I would say with every tap or missed hit with my hammer. The price of horse being shod amplified it's ending price charged. With a slight grin,,, Most just smiled a
  8. DSW, thanks very much. I am going to give serious thought to your information you stated. Sounds like you really looked into it. Really appreciate the time you took to tell me all that too. Too bad that deal didn't pan out for ya. Yet, that's always a gamble an most buy the best bser out there today. You wouldn't happen to have his number by chance? Jim guy. When I say 3/4", that be a rarity. Most would be much lighter materials being used. Speed of production for myself is a nip slow anyhow. Yet anything a guy can do to save time n money is good stuff. One dealer has a lease to buy with
  9. Thanks nsa, like to hear more an see pictures too of new set up. Always game for new ideas n tools. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the input Josh. Product liability didn't enter my thought process honestly. Wow, guess I need to rethink some things in regards to all this? Very good points,,, Electrical was well thought out here in the woods. Have 1 main 100amp feed to a second 100amp box with emergency shutdown or lockout needs located at hammer n forge location centralized. Lack equipment just yet. Ran the largest electrical wiring for single phase anyones seen outside a commercial or military fobs. Currently have 6 220/240 outlets however that goes. One rated to run 15hp 75amps all day long. An spin the m
  11. Hey guy n any girls lurking out there too. Am giving serious thought to a cnc plasma system. As I am seeking to work smarter vs harder as with bending over cutting numerous items multiple times a day perhaps. For much of my work day will need to be done sitting unfortunately. Not how I like it, yet that's lifes deal today. I know there's a 100 manufacturers an types out there today. Yet am looking for longevity an ease of use. As my ole back n thought process remains substantially limited. I just can't do it for very long these days. If anyone has any real world use an applications you'd
  12. Your pops is a very wise man it sounds like Charles. As panic never solves anything other than feeds others anxiety an fears. He took on being your pops cuz he loves you all. When ever one brings forth a prayer request. Jesus acknowledges such calls for healing. An I truly believe his hands are placed upon those whom prayers are requesting such healings. After a brief prayer this morning. As being the birth of Christ. I think your pops will be just fine, as the power of prayer is our Hope. As well as a window into our Souls,,, With Prayers, Ty
  13. Wow Victur, awesome piece you made there. You don't seem to need any teaching. Very well done sir, wish I'd thought of that myself. What a absolute awesome gift for the recipient. Merry Xmas
  14. Hey Iceman, I followed your page tonite n you n I would be dangerous if field together in a military operation.laughing You definitely cracked me up to the point of tears. An thanks for such cuz tonight was one of nights I no longer look forward too. That's a awesome idea with your smithy bro,,, The bench seems somewhat low or maybe you're a midget or sit while at the bench. Tryin to be funny there, smile. As I think you'd have me beat being long winded. An I have such a reputable trait myself n honestly didn't think anyone else could hold a candle to me.laugh Although enjoyed your wo
  15. Wow, that's really awesome. Love the attention to details n very gifted. Frosty just has to worry about those steel eating termites up there.smile. Hard to believe how many skilled smiths there are out there today. Really enjoy the pictures guys.
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