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Forge area set finally


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Greetings Matto,


Sweet set up...  Looks like you have things in order and going your way...  I might suggest extending the plate on your post vise to include a metal base for the leg with a ring hold..   Looks to me like it will dent your new concrete.    You will end up moving the anvil closer to the forge...  Have fun and I wish you well...   Just an old boys 2c...


Forge on and make beautiful things


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The vise leg is on top of a 3/8 wall pipe that is 5' in the ground. It was placed be for the concrete was poured. The anvil is 40" from the center of the fire it is one step from anvil to forge. It is one and a half steps to the vise and one and a half steps to the power hammer.

Also the power hammer is sitting on a 24" deep base and the anvil concrete goes down 16"

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post-12147-0-25948400-1417404467_thumb.jpost-12147-0-73389800-1417404632_thumb.jpost-12147-0-59814900-1417404668_thumb.jpost-12147-0-02377100-1417404763_thumb.j the first is a sculpture i did for my mother inlaw 4' tall mild pate and galv plate, next is a knife i made for my neice, third is a trigger gaurd for a 20 gage, last is railing for a porch. all the pics i have on my wifes i pad
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