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Camelback drill press

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If you have any machining tools, the vise alone is worth nearly half that price. I would be all over it if I was closer. Never mind the aesthetic beauty that drill is all in itself. I have never seen one similar. Then again, I know nothing of the brand so I cannot say for sure, but aesthetically...that thing IMO is a work of art all in itself. 

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Greetings Reitenger,


I love old equipment...  I have a complete line shaft shop and have restored many pieces of equipment...  Your drill press is very cool but would take up a lot of floor space for what it does... I would also consider safety..  Open belts at floor level are not cool..... That drill press has been modified to work from the floor ...  The step pulleys originally were mounted above on a shaft with a belt shifter system....  The price is not so bad but normally a bit cheaper if it was only the drill ...   I had one that I repurposed for a post vise stand and used the pulleys in other places..   The big cast table would make a great forming jig.. Enclosed a pict of my vice set up...  Works great...


Forge on and make beautiful things



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Mechanics machine company made upright drills under that name from the late 1800's through about 1912 when they sold the drill line to Rockford Machine Tool. Thie C/L drill Is probably around  24" and has a two speed head shaft with planetary gears in the uper cone pulley for additional speeds. Also power feed which is quite useful. I have a 32" Mechanics drill which stands over 9' tall with the spindle shaft extending a couple of feet above that. I'm a fan of camelbacks in general and they can be really usefull for boring the really big holes. Here is a scan of their brochure cover and a pic of my MMC drill. Ed.





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