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Is this a Fisher anvil?

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Thomas, you keep saying that. The 1900 Sears catalog that I have lists steel faced CI anvils as their lowest rung in the kits, something  comparable to a Vulcan.


They DO list CI hammers, but say that they do not warranty them as they are of inferior quality.

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I'll try to dig out the old catalog reprint we have next time I get home; may be a problem finding it as when we moved we moved 469 boxes of books and that's not one I remember where it went.


I do find to hand a picture of the Montgomery Wards 1930 catalog advertising "cast iron Farm Anvils"  in Anvils in America page 51  As both companies often had similar goods maybe I need to dig up a slightly under 100 year old copy of the Sears & Roebuck catalog and check out it...


However will you take a 1930 catalog selling cast iron anvils as proof that ASOs are not a recent phenomenon? I will change my spiel from S&R to MW until I can dig up further proof...and thank you for calling me on this: factual statements should always be challengeable!



Note that a lot of ASOs have a fake cast faceplate on them; you can often tell as it extends out from the sides of the anvil trying desperately to appear as it actually has a plate welded on

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1912 Sears & Roebuck catalog offers "Chilled face cast anvils" up to 100 pounds described as "Like our steel faced cast anvils but without the steel face"  The anvils they refer to are  described as "Body is made of superior pig iron"




So 100+ years old, Sears & Roebuck catalog, cast iron anvil:   Assertion substantiated!  John you satisfied?


The cast iron 100# anvil was US$3.40 while the "better" anvils were $6.60 for the 100# steel faced cast iron body anvil and the "best" anvils ran about $10 for a 100 pounder (wrought or steel bodied)

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Could be punctuated and 1900 be an "off" year too...I'm just able to touch the top of the alligator pile at work on my tiptoes and they are talking about adding piranha; so someone else needs to nail that down...if anyone is interested


I think the reason we don't see many old ASOs is they got broken and scrapped--fairly short use life and a preferential tendency to get donated to scrap drives I'd bet.  So an "Artifact of Preservation" .

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