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Help I.D my anvil please

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Hello, my Great Grandpa and Grandpa were blacksmiths.  They are gone now and my Father got this anvil from the barn.  It's sat around for awhile now and we got curious as to how old it was and if there was any value to it.  So I googled anvils and found you guys.  So I hoping that I can get a little bit of assistance.


We tried charcoal rubbing on the anvil to read the words on it, but that didn't work.  So I took pictures and that seems to help.


From what I can see it's an M&H Armitage and date of 1914, we thought it was older.  There are other markings, but I can't make them out.


I'll include the pictures I took and ask for your expert opinions.


Thank you very much in advance








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Appears you answered your own question. It's a Mousehole from 1914.

Is possible it might have the weight stamped on it near the base in 3 numbers of the British stone weight system.


Baby or Talcum powder rubbed into the writing might make it easier for you to see than charcoal too ;) 


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Value is one of those gray areas.....What it is worth to you is what you would accept is you sold it.  Value to the buyer is what one would be willing to pay.   Sometimes these number match or sometimes they are very far apart.  Just use the anvil, or look at it as a link to your family history, and pass it down to future generations.

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i would say that looking at the fact that that anvil has had its face plate welded back on on one side and is delaminating on the other the value is minimal to a buyer but as a tool that has been in the family for generations its irreplaceable

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