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My $20 auction find


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I picked up this beauty at an estate auction this weekend. There was a bunch of smithing equipment but they waited to present the forges and other big items until the end of the day. Worked out very well for me and my buddy. We came home with a truckload of three forges, three extra blowers, and a pair of rusty 5" post vises, all for under $200.

Everything appears to work, just needs a bit of clean up, a new drive belt, and some tweaking of the pump arm. I can't wait to get my new toy back into action. I really enjoy the old mechanical workings like this one has.



The blower is a Champion. The blower and forge appears to be all original, so I assume the forge is a Champion as well. Haven't had an opportunity to look it over close enough to find any other markings, if there are any. If anyone recognizes the model or has a rough idea on age, I'd love to hear about it.

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Awesome deal.  I've been wanting a big industrial type coal forge for awhile, but they're scarce down here.  When you do find them, they are mighty pricey and usually cracked or have parts missing.  Were I you, I'd run out and buy a couple lottery tickets..

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I'd call that sort of a medium forge:  Rivet forge == small, that type medium, RR forges == large and the picture of them working boat parts by building a coke fire on the floor of the factory with huge blowers  and the parts held by cranes are == HUGE!


My largest forge the previous owner burnt a piece of RR rail in two in it...

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