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How do I make a sen?

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I attempted at it today with an incredible failure.. and I cant find a single one for sale to compare too.. It is a cutting tool right? not a scraping tool? so it should be relativly sharp, and higher carbon/harder than normal.. so file steel would probably be good..

the only thing I have to go by is a youtube video of cheness cutlery using one.. and it looks like it has a really slight angle. but I cant see if it has a more obtuse angle at the tip of the blade because it is cutting steel..

but ya, if anyone can help me out in finding one for sale or a way to make one please...
-Thanks again..

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On 2/27/2018 at 12:18 AM, Blaine said:

So this link seems to be consumed by adds. Is there any other sen making links or a picture?

Don Fogg is retired and his page has expired.  What you saw is what you see when someone has bought the domain and wants to sell/profit from it.  Don't know if the sen info is, but a lot of Don Fogg's stuff is still available at www.bladesmithsforum.com,

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