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  1. This is my first rr spike knife it was mainly for practice and is not even HC but look at it! All done with inferior tools!
  2. There's the mount for crap sander next time I make it out there I'll make the bevel plate. Cost so far 16$ not counting belts
  3. I am making a mounting plate of sorts for this broke sander I fixed so I can put a bevel plate on it. That board goes in my vise.
  4. Yeah I was looking on there too. I think I'm just going to shoot for a higher hardness and start at 35° and feel it out. Thank you so much
  5. So this link seems to be consumed by adds. Is there any other sen making links or a picture?
  6. TY biggundoctor I'd be willing to trade if it was good carbon stock1075-95, 15n20, even but I am new to this and don't know anyone around town so any offers would have to come from you guys
  7. I don't have a lathe it is 12" × 5/8 I might just do what ranchmanben says it's probably the hardest steel in my shop BC of the tungsten
  8. I got my grandpa's tools when he passed away and I found a square stock of crucible Rex 49 what I gather from my research is that it's tool steel I was thinking of making either a hot cut chisel or a knife from it has anyone forged this steel before and know any heat treat info like air, oil, water quench and tempering and what temp for how long ECT Title edited to reflect common name of steel
  9. I had some chirping noises shut down came inside did some research, went back out there turned it up a little got this mounting plate I'm starting up to heat and thought what's that chemical smell shut it down looked around and my dragons breath had turned the wall into charcoal so I rearranged the shop again! So I'll try again tomorrow be careful out there guy's
  10. I got my first dragons breath today's front and back with the Atlas Graham 100k burner. Gas forge is finished finally!
  11. I made a spork from a price of old bedframe my first forged project still did a bunch of stock removal...
  12. So I am going to have extra Mizzou castable refractory, does anyone know if I can just make a form and make a few firebricks? I'm switching to propane and am going for kinda coffee can forge but lined with 1'' kaowool covered with Mizzou! Can I use this homemade fire brick for the bottom and workbench protection?
  13. So will cheap sunglasses work or do I gotta get the black safety glasses? and is this process gradual because there's never been a problem?
  14. Dude I like it does the table top get hot enough to burn soft wood
  15. You guys I love em all You guys I love em all
  16. Great job how many square in or feet is the inside of your for forge and how highs your ceailing from forge Im things of doing something like that with my lid
  17. I cut the planks off pallets for workbench/Hardie/sawhorse/wielding table
  18. This is the forge I'm building now just wanted to share while I wait for the blower. Can you all share your diy forges also?
  19. Man I thought I had a picture of my camp forge but my first forge was a trench dug in the ground for tuyre with a metal fence pole in it underneath (used cardboard to fan air through) a fire pit shaped of a eye balled mixture of clay sand and tiny broken pieces of wild sage kinda like adobe to form walls. Lol worked if I can I'll get a picture next time we drive up to Pueblo if its still there.
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