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Hello all! I am looking to add a post vice to my work shop but I am not sure what is a good deal or not. I found this one one craigslist somewhat close to me and I wondered what you all think? Thanks for any help I appreciate it.




craigs list link removed




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When looking at a post vise, focus on the key elements:   Jaws, Threads, Leg, Handle, Gib Key and Wedge, Mounting bracket, Spring.


The critical parts are the threads and jaws.  Are they in good shape?  If so, you've got a good vise. 


Your picture shows that everything is there.  The handle is wonky and that indicates that someone beat on the handle to tighten it down.  Double-check the threads because a handle that's that messed up means the threads are going to have had some stress put on them.  They could be worn beyond repair, chipped, etc.


Is it worth $140?  I don't think so.  I got mine for $50, but it took some shopping around and I had to wait.  If the threads are still good, it might be worth the cost to you just because it's right there..... but I would suggest triple-checking the area via craigslist and the like for a better price.

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