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  1. Sounds like a plan. I will locate some wool felt for the purpose.
  2. Thomas, Thanks for the reply. I have ordered the book. I don't really notice it sticking I will take a closer look though. There are no felt pads in the cups just bear metal and the hole in the bottom. I take it I should put something in there?
  3. Hello I recently acquired a 25# little giant and have a few questions. I've been doing a lot of reading but this is my first power hammer so I sure have a lot to learn. Here is the hammer From everything I have read it should be dripping in Oil, I am assuming that the below should be filled with oil? When I put oil in the front one I can tell its goes down but the lvl in this one doesn't seem to change. The hammer is set up with grease zerk fittings but one broke off and the threads are stripped can I just oil that location? I am thinking of just jbwelding a nipple in there as well. Also on the topic of grease, will any decent grease work ok? Lastly when I run the hammer it just keeps striking as you can see below. I start it and then immediately take my foot of the petal but it just keeps going. I made sure it is nice and oiled back there but that doesn't seem to change much. Thanks for any help or advise anyone can give I appreciate it. I am super excited about this hammer now I just need to learn all I can about it.
  4. Do any of you have any experience with an MZ75 power hammer? I am looking at getting one before to long and they look super nice. I was just curious if anyone here had any experience with them?
  5. I talked to the guy selling it and he currently wants 3500 for it. He does not know the last time it was ran but figures it was about 15 years ago.
  6. TravisF

    Buying advice

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I have let this one pass and will continue to shop around until I can get a good deal. I am sure something will pop up.
  7. I have been looking around for a power hammer and I came across this one in my area. What do you all think would be a fair price for a hammer in this condition? Also in regards to the Murray is it basically a little giant? I appreciate any help in this matter.
  8. TravisF

    Buying advice

    Hello all! I am looking to add a post vice to my work shop but I am not sure what is a good deal or not. I found this one one craigslist somewhat close to me and I wondered what you all think? Thanks for any help I appreciate it. craigs list link removed