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Repousee Bowl


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Mike Bendele's repousse bowl. He started with a piece of copper round stock (shown in the bowl) and then worked it into the bowl. Other pieces also shown.

Mike is a 30-year veteran metalsmith and has been an instructor at Peters Valley and Touchstone.

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Looks like the one he did at the SOFA demo one time:

Heat the slug and flatten with a powerhammer, reheating as necessary.

Bolt it into a heavy steel frame with a circle cut out on each side and hot dish it using an air tool with a "mushroom" bit in it---noisy! Reheating as necessary, used an oxy-propane rosebud. (the frame helps keep the edges from forming ripples and the circle true while dishing)

The angled pattern around the lip was done using the square corner of the powerhammer dies and the powerhammer.


He sure made it look easy!

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The Upper Midwest Blacksmith Assoc (UMBA Online) has a DVD of him doing one at ABANA 06 conference
He was using a nazel hammer and I thnk air chisel to sink the bowel in a plywood frame. Cost of DVD is $7. It is titled RD92 and has several other demos on it. Total length is 6 hours and 20 min

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