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Could this be a Fisher.... In England?

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Spotted this on eBay the other day. It's in the UK. I'm no expert but the lugs on the feet look like a give away to me but I thought I'd ask the experts.

I have seen a Vulcan anvil over here so it's certainly not impossible that it is a Fisher. The owner said he can't see any raised markings whatsoever. No numbers on the feet and nothing the other side of the anvil.

Your thoughts? The auction has a few days left but I'm tempted if the price is right.

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I've never seen another maker using lugs like Fisher did, but that's not to say someone didn't.  Just looking at the anvil, the horn, heel and waist seem rather thin compared to all the Fishers I've seen pictures of.  Not to say that it isn't a Fisher, though.


If you have a chance to grab a Fisher, I would do it.  They are truly blessed anvils.

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Another one popped up on UK Evilbay, this anvil also has bolt lugs in the base but doesn't appear to be the same as the one listed at the start of this thread, it looks similar to a fisher except for the writing all over it, could this be one of the BK anvils mentioned by njanvilman?



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That anvil does look like a FISHER.  I wonder if they produced some with that name on it for a special order?  I am still trying to decipher all of the unknowns of the Fisher Anvil Works.  Kind of like trying to do a 5000 piece puzzle without the picture of what it should look like.

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I didn't get the anvil in the op. I can't remember if I just didn't bid or it went for too much.

Spotted that anvil foundryman posted. It looks like it says "Canadian xxx & forge co" but I have no idea. It also looks really heavily pitted, unless that's just the paint?

It's not too far from me but a bit too pricey.

All the best

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