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I Forge Iron

I forged my first rounding hammer over the weekend


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I still need to clean it up and grind/finish the faces and I'm thinking of making the eye a little more oval (it's AWFULLY round right now), but I'm pretty happy with it so far.  It's about 3 pounds and I intend for it to be my primary forging hammer.


Oh, and please ignore the pizza crusts.  :P




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I had two friends there to help.  I had Avery position while Scott and I struck.


I also did a little more work on it today to flatten the eye out a little and added my maker's mark.  I still have to finish up the faces and of course haft it, but I'm REALLY exited!  I was just going to use hickory for the handle, but now I'm thinking of getting super fancy and using something like curly maple.  I haven't decided though.




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I'm terrible at answering questions, sorry.


Started off with a piece of 2" 4140 stock.  The drift was just a tapered piece of round bar stock that was laying around at school.  I did go ahead and flatten the eye out a little.  I also roughed out a haft from a scrap of hickory.  I still have to finish the handle (and heat treat the head and polish the faces) but i'm pretty happy with how it's coming along.




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