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Has anyone ever done picture frames? I need a to make a bunch of frames for a project one set will be machine made and will contain machine tool related images and the other needs to be forged and will contain blacksmith related images. Since I need to make around 10 of each I am looking for a fairly simple design for each type. I think I have the machine made frames worked out but I'm still looking for Ideas for the Forged ones.


All frames for each type will be made the same and they will be 11 X 14.





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Use Iron Mountain Flux to forge weld it together. You can take your time to place the pieces together because you can stick or tack them together without having to be at a forge welding temperature. Then you can secure your weld with another heat. I wouldn't bother scarfing your joints either for a picture frame.

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I like the idea of riveted corners and it would fit with the cap screws I plan to use on the machine made frames but if the frames are made up of flats how would you mount the picture? I figure I need at lease a 1/4 “ recess to hold the Glass, Mat, picture and backing.

My forge welding skills are great, I’ve done a handful of successful welds. I’ll have to give Iron Mountain Flux a try.

I did search the galleries, forum and Google but didn’t come up with much, searching on "blacksmith mirror" and "blacksmith picture frame" did turn up some ideas.

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