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Should I buy for metal work - SHOP FOX M1113 Bandsaw

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Hey guys - I have a lead on one of these saws and it looks really  nice, but wondered if anyone has any experience with them - good or bad.  I can pick it up for around 1250.00 and I see them reatailing for 2000 on most sites.  Anybody have any thoughts??  Would be used primariliy on metal stock 1" x 1/4-1/2" like knives and billets I make.  But would also like to use for cutting my own scales out of wood and micarta.


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How much work do you do that would use it?  1 billet a week or even month is very different than 5 per day!

Does it have speeds for both metal and non-metal cutting?  How hard is it to swap out blades?  Could you find two used saws where you could have one set up for metal and the other for non-metal?

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The website does not say alot. However alot of those that say they are for metal and wood are mostly for non ferrous metals. The fpi speed of the blade is too fast for steel.  i have a band saw that is slow enough..and use the same blade for steel and handle materials. It is really slow for hard woods and the metal blade is not correct for that. I use it anyway...Wotever it has for a blade will need to change to a really good quality bimetalic.

I would research the fpi speed  of bandsaws for steel and then contact the maker of this and see wot the slowest it will run.

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150 fps is too fast? From manufacturer:
A variable frequency drive speed control with digital readout provides infinitely variable blade speeds for any metal cutting application. Just turn the speed control dial for on-the-fly speed changes. Inverter motor technology takes advantage of 3-phase control using 220 volt, single phase power. The vertical cutting configuration also makes feeding the work through the bandsaw for intricate cuts easy with plenty of control against the massive cast iron table. This Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaw is the ideal bandsaw for any metal fabrication work.

1-1/2HP, 220v, Single-Phase, 1725 RPM
Variable Frequency Drive Speed Control
12" Maximum Cutting Height
17-1/2" Throat Capacity
133" Blade Length
1/8" - 1-1/4" Blade Size Range
150 - 3000 FPM Variable Blade Speed
45° Right & 5° Left Table Tilt
18" x 24" Precision Cast Iron Table
Quick Release Blade Tension
Fully Balanced Cast Aluminum Wheels w/ Rubber Tires
Upper & Lower Blade Guides
Rack & Pinion Adjustment on Upper Blade Guide Support
Two Dust Ports
Twin Drive Belts
Rip Fence & Miter Gauge Included
Left & Right Table Tilting Control
76" H x 40" W x 31" D Overall Dimensions
385 lbs. Approximate Shipping Weight

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Feet Per Minute is the standard....The lowest speed on my Roll-in is 70 fpm and I only use it for cutting thick blocks of tool steel with a 6 tpi (teeth per inch). Normally I use 140 or 270 for common mild steel stock....... I wouldn't have a metal cutting bandsaw that couldn't go nice and slow when the need arises.


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