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  1. can you post a few pictures of your twisting rig ? Thanks
  2. Hi Dave it's just a punched & to drifted hole to break up an otherwise straight bar
  3. Cradle I just finished for a customers first grandchild from Cherry & Iron
  4. Hi Bubba Google Forging a wheat twist there are quite a few you tube's that show up. John
  5. No Ridgeway they are not braided their done the same way you do Wheat twist
  6. Thanks CT I moved from Haddam, CT to Gods country 22 years ago. John
  7. Here is what I made from 48" saw blade for a customer
  8. Hi I bought the 2 x 48 about 10 years ago I'm very Happy with it
  9. Hi I bought one about 10 years ago, 2 of the bearings on the tub guide cracked I called them up and they sent replacements right away. I don't use the power pack a real lot but it came in handy fullering some railings in a die on a long heat when I couldn't get to the treadle. I'm very happy with it. John
  10. I misspoke the S/Blocks are $170 & they weigh 70 lbs. we also have 1" fire pots with clinker bkr, & 4 1/2" cone mandrels cast for us I'll try to get pic's tomorrow John Sorry I didn't think of it before if you go to New England Blacksmiths web site there might be pic's John
  11. Hi I don't know where you are but if your in New England join the NEB we cast our own S/Blocks they sell for $210 John
  12. Hi I am in Liberty ME if your close by your welcome to come & spend a couple hours at my forge help you get started John