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Demonstration insurance??

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Hi all.


I have been asked to provide a blacksmithing demonstration at a Scottish Highland Games event.  They have asked if I have insurance, as their's won't cover me. What type, and where, could I purchase a one day policy?  i live in North Carolina and the event is also here.  I am a member of ABANA.


Thanks in advance.


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Greetings Dave,


Best thing I ever got from an Insurance agent is a  Question  (  Your a What )  ?  I feel the event people should cover you and your equipment..  As I recall they have an event insurance policy but like to exclude any thing that might cost them something...  Most municipalities will not allow such an event without insurance..  What does that policy cover ???   Why hang out your but if you don't have to ./.


Forge on and make beautiful things


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I doubt that you can find a coverage for a single day. You can get a Business Liability policy from any major insurance company for around $400 or $500 per year. This will cover you, anyone working with you, spectators and damages to premises rented to you, up to a fixed dollar amount. This can be billed yearly or monthly.
Their insurance should cover you in the same manner. There is a problem if it doesn't. However if they are paying for your demo it is fair to ask you to provide your own insurance. If you do more than one demo per year or invite people to your forge it is in your best intrest to have this insurance for piece of mind. If this is the only time you light the forge around others then it may be better to sit this one out.

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Good morning all

insurance update

I got a quote from the agency that advertises in The Anvils Ring, Industrial Coverage Corp, for liability coverage of 1 mil each occurrence with a 2 mil general aggregate for $425 per year. This covers the shop and demos. In addition there is 2 mil for products and completed operations, 1 mil for damage to rented premises and several other related items. The agency wrote the liability insurance through Hartford. I though it was a great deal and in line what what others on this thread have reported. There were no questions about what is being manufactured, so the weapon's issue was not an issue and although they advertise in the ABANA publication no-one ask if I was a member. I did need to stay after them, calling every couple days, but they were very cordial, helpful, and understanding. -grant

The above is a cut and paste form this tread.

This is a annual police that just renewed. Hartford automatically sends out certificates for all events that one classifies as reoccurring. I do not know if they write single event coverage; but you might give them a call. At $400 a couple of paid demo days pays the annual premium. -grant

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I was just quoted the ABANA insurance plan. I was just looking for General Liability. They offered it fine but under the Exslusions was one who designs and installs there own work! I had to read it a few times to believe it. In a another place it clearly stated the same thing. Can not instal work you design.
What a bunch of junk, what good is insurance to a ornamental smith if they can not instal there work.

They quoted the premium at 910 $

I went with another company. Out of the 4 offers I was given they were all in the 900$ to 1400$ Range. Many company's would not offer me anything because I worked with metal or designed my own items. And I very clearly stated to all company's that my work was all cosmetic and not part of the building frame

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If you are making something, selling it and installing it you are a business!  You need to be registered and insured as a business and you will pay business rates.  Why they use the installation as a kiss off point anybody knows but we can be sure it's from a lawyers office. 


We were quoted a 1 day liability insurance so people could bring their own Booze to a 50th High School Reunion held at a Senior Citizens Center (No Jakes Please) for a cost of $400 for the day. And they could not share it anyone other than their spouse.


Liability concerns and law suites have all but killed free enterprise in America.   

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Thanks for all the info, guys.  I have scheduled an appointment with the president of the event and will discuss this issue.  I am volunteering and not being paid.and I am making only hooks, rings, scarf pins, and leaves, so there should be no issue with dangerous items.  If this can't be resolved, I guess I will sit it out.  I don't make any money blacksmithing and really don't need to spend a lot on insurance.


Again, thanks for all the suggestions.

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