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At this stage it is not too vibrant contrast for the pattern, I just finished welding the bars into one.  Some have asked to see what I have so far, so here it is. 


I only rough ground to120 grit and a fast test etch.    I have a commission for 5 blades to a client in Norway. so he can mount them.  He requested my serpentine multi cores blades;  twisted bars of 1084fg/L6, a center core of 15 layers of 1084fg/L6 for the wavy serpent, and about 200 layers of O1/L6 for the edge.


Currently the billet is 1cm thick, will draw out to proper thickness and make the blades, and then heat treat, and I will post finished polish and etch after.



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toward the tip I will reduce the cross sections, making the bars smaller as I go, not going to grind them away.  I dont draw too well, forgive the drawing I included in the pic to show what the client wanted.


here are two of his blades... these will be about the same when he finishes



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Since people in the chat have been asking to see what is going on, here is another photo.  They just came out of the quench oil, and in the tempering oven.  Lucky for me wife is at work, and she doesn't read this forum.


Client wants 5 blades.   I always make extra material to cover for mistakes.  So far no mistakes or cracks, so I have 6 blades.  I have found that the best way to make matching blades is to make them all from same billet of pattern welded material,  Its very hard to make an extra one to match the rest.  So when I dont have errors, I get another blade to put on the table for general sale


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